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Investor Relations

Our Investors have real-time access to their accounts, reports and financial statements in the Investor Relations area.


Our Expertise

The industry relationships, expertise and experience of Walton Street Capital's professionals are essential to the achievement of our objectives.


Walton Street ™

Walton Street Capital, L.L.C. is a private equity real estate investment firm. Since its founding in 1994, affiliates of Walton Street Capital have received total equity commitments of over $8.4 billion from public and corporate pension plans, foreign institutions, insurance companies and banks, endowments and foundations, trusts, and high net worth individuals. Affiliates of Walton Street Capital have invested and/or committed to invest over $7.5 billion of equity in more than 300 separate transactions.

>> We offer an experienced and dedicated principal investment and asset management organization.

>> Walton Street seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

>> Walton Street invests and manages with the philosophy that real estate is a commodity subject to cycles, both in terms of its underlying supply and demand fundamentals and its pricing relative to other financial assets.

>> The Principals make substantial personal investments alongside our investors.

For information on Walton Street, please contact Eric Mogentale at (312) 915-2865 or mogentale@waltonst.com.