Equity Platform

Value-add/Opportunistic Strategy

Walton Street’s opportunistic/value-add strategy seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through exploiting distress, smart sector allocation, value investing and value creation.

Since 1994, Walton Street has closed eight, global discretionary real estate investment vehicles focused on constructing a diversified portfolio of value-added and opportunistic investments. These investment vehicles seek to buy non-stabilized, high quality assets at a discounted basis to market, and well below replacement cost. The investment vehicles seek to stabilize these assets through the execution of repositioning, leasing and redevelopment strategies, capitalizing upon the pricing disparity between destabilized and stabilized core assets. With dedicated in-house investment and asset management teams, Walton Street believes its approach as a hands on “operator”, in contrast to the typical “allocator” approach of major opportunistic real estate investors, gives it an advantage with more control and less operating risk.


Core-plus Strategy

Walton Street’s lower risk, core-plus strategy seeks relative value in near-stabilized core assets within primary and high-growth secondary U.S. markets.

Walton Street’s core-plus strategy offers investors an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of well-located, high quality real estate with durable cash flow and compelling near-term opportunities to increase value over time. Through active value creation, superior investment sourcing, and the use of prudent leverage, Walton Street’s core-plus institutional assets, over the long term, are expected to generate favorable risk-adjusted returns relative to core investments.